New pre- appraised classics for sale

Why you should have a pre purchase inspection 


 As many millions of people spend more times at home and travel restrictions continue, unless for work. Buyers are therefore spending more time searching the web for their next dream car, just relying on the seller’s descriptions, photographs and looking up MOT history on line. So, for many, the only option is to buy unseen and when purchasing from a private buyer, the sellers rights are not fully protected.  Enthusiasts by large purchase classics because of memories, nostalgia and a real passion to feel and relive the bygone eras, allowing their hearts to rule their heads in lots of cases.  



The most common scenario, you spend hours searching for your dream car and then, you find it!  Without hesitation, you frantically read the description, study the pictures and absorb the excitement. Your head is full of memories, the smell of the interior, your days out in the back as a child and you want that car more than anything.  At this point, you are emotionally committed with no thoughts of negativity and ping, you make the call and agree to buy it. 


For the next few days, you anticipate the arrival of your new baby with excitement, clean out the garage and prepare its new home.  Then it arrives and your heart sinks like a stone as you realise all is not what you expected, and the dream has turned into a nightmare. Head in hands and many thousands out of pocket, you wish you had done things differently. 


Buying a classic car is a big investment and its never been more important to have an independent pre purchase inspection before committing to buy. This correctly values the vehicle, checks its history, condition, safety and security and provides the buyer with protection.  


Don’t let your swan turn out to be an ugly duckling and get it inspected first 

JEC appoint Bawns as its appraisel service provider 


We are pleased that JEC has appointed us as the nominated appraisal provider for their Jaguar club members.  

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